Seasonal menu

Cream of asparagus soup with croutons

€ 3,90
Cream of asparagus soup with salmon

€ 5,20
Asparagus salad from white and green asparagus with smoked ham

€ 11,50
Main dishes
Boneless fried chicken on potato-lambs lettuce salad and lingonberries     € 12,90

Fried medallion from the turkey breast on fennel-risotto
€ 14,50

Pink roasted Entrecote (Sirloin) with white asparagus, potatoes & béarnaise sauce
€ 19,80

Fried fillet of pikeperch on asparagus ragout
€ 15,90

White asparagus with young potatoes and hollandaise sauce
€ 13,50

Asparagus-risotto with small green salad
This dish is vegetarian & gluten free. It can be also ordered Vegan on request.
€ 9,60
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